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Mattress Care Tips For Monsoon

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With the pandemic raging again, we have compiled a list of simple mattress care tips for a healthier environment. Also, do let us know which all you followed.

Monsoon is knocking at the door. It is time to get excited for pleasant wind coupled with heavy rains. It’s the season that cheers up everyone’s mood and brings you out from all the stress and pandemic blues. While you’ll get to have a cool rain dance party with your loved ones, don’t forget to keep yourself safe from all the allergies and bacteria that are born during monsoon.

While you can’t afford to lose the fun around the season, you should ensure a healthy and hygienic home environment. This will make sure that there is no growth of bacteria and bugs due to rain. COVID-19 has shifted the majority of us to to study or work from home. We now have limited outside work and you stay in your bedroom most hours of the day. This means that your bedroom should be the safest place of all, especially your mattress on which you eat, sleep, play, work and rest. So, here are simple mattress care tips that you should definitely try this monsoon season-

Simple Mattress Care Tips for Monsoon

Your mattress is most vulnerable to bacteria and bugs during monsoon season. This is a major issue in chemically manufactured mattresses. During monsoon, the humid climate outside might disturb your peaceful sleep. This can be due to allergies, monsoon mosquitoes etc. So we have some quick and simple mattress tips which will help you to sleep undisturbed all night.

1 Opt for a waterproof mattress protector:

You might come all wet from outside and might spoil your bed. And if it’s raining outside, you cannot possibly carry the mattress outside to dry it. But guess what? You can easily remove the waterproof mattress protector and eliminate all chances of water sinking inside your mattress.

Mattress protector

Sleep Spa waterproof mattress protector is made from Herb-fresh technology that eliminates the growth of microbes. Thus, your sleep environment is fresh and hygienic at all times. There is no growth of respiratory issues or allergies as well. Made from 100% pure cotton fabric, the mattress protector keeps your sleep base cool. The 3D cell structure assures air-circulation to avoid hot and humid temperature inside your bedroom.

2 Soak it under the sun:

Sun acts as a natural disinfectant and kills microbes and stains that are there on the mattress. These simple mattress care tips might look unrealistic.  But we are not suggesting you to regularly keep the mattress out in the sun. This is an occasional activity, that you can try every once in a month. You can keep your mattress out under the sun and let it take its natural bath of cleanliness.

3 Flip & Use:

Mattress protector

Every week or fortnight, just flip the mattress. This way both the sides are used interchangeably. So, Neither dust nor microbes get enough time to settle for long on one side. However, make sure you opt for a dual comfort mattress or a mattress comfortable enough from both sides. Such mattresses offer equal comfort on both the sides which extends the life of the mattress and is perfect for monsoon season.

4 Change your Bedsheet Frequently:

Don’t get lazy and sleep on the same linen for more than a week. It would give time to microbes to settle and rest on the bed top which will cause sleep disturbance. Changing your bedsheet is the basic and easy way  to maintain a healthy sleep environment during monsoon.

5 Keep the Bedroom Temperature Cold:

Kids Mattress

Try to have a cool and comfortable sleep set-up. It will be good if you allow cross ventilation in your room before sleep time.  You can do this by keeping the fan on which will make things fresh and neutral. Air circulation is needed to avoid microbes to settle at one place.

6 Air purifier:

While an air purifier is not a budget friendly product for all, there are small and portable purifiers for the bedroom. This would be convenient as you can just switch it one for 1 hour. This will disinfect your room and kill traceable microbes and bacteria that are present.

Try these easy hacks for monsoon and sleep tension free all night. Before the pandemic, the outside environment was so sensitive and critical. However, going careless this monsoon will make you vulnerable to fever and other fungal problems that would trigger serious health issues.

These simple mattress care tips will keep your bedroom safe and secure. You can sleep without worrying about microbes and fungal infections. Mattress protector is a good investment not just for monsoons but to keep other sleep problems at bay as well.

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