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Don’t Miss Out On These Natural Latex Products

Latex mattress

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Sleeping on a comfortable bed is vital for a sound and cheerful day. Your body needs just the correct alignment at night so that you wake up rejuvenated with no pain and stress. For a healthy sleep, you need a healthy mattress which is chemical and synthetic free and makes the sleep environment fresh and safe.

Latex is known for its 100% natural features. It is harvested from the sap of rubber tree which then goes through a consistent process. It is then poured into a mould and baked into the shape of a mattress.

Why Go For Sleep Spa Latex Products?

Team Sleep Spa uses Talalay Latex Technology which removes oxygen from the sap. It brings in a fluffy and uniform consistency in the pillows and mattress. Unlike Dunlop Latex, Talalay Latex is healthier and hygienic as the product is thoroughly cleaned after it is prepared. Natural latex products come withfollowing sleep benefits-

1. Environment Friendly and Natural

Latex products at Sleep Spa are free from synthetic or any other chemical. This makes sure that there is no off-gassing of the mattress and you stay away from serious respiratory issues.

The advanced 3D cell structure of the product allows automatic temperature regulation and keeps the mattress cold and the sleep environment fresh.

2. Correct Body Alignment

Be it mattress topper or mattress itself, you are free to sleep in your desired posture as the latex gives a bouncy feature and takes the shape of your body making sure that the mattress has a motion isolation feature.

Buy these 100% Natural Latex Products

Assuring that no customer is unhappy or dissatisfied with the products they buy, Sleep Spa makes sure to offer the best out of the all the natural Latex products available.

1. 7 Zone Nirvana 100% Pure Latex Mattress

This organic latex mattress gives a 7-zone comfort. It provides maximum support to your back, spin, pelvic and lumbar area. Your body gets support from all four sider relieving tension of the lower back. It also provides pressure point release.

Nirvana Latex mattress has an additional feature of bamboo fabric which keeps the mattress cool and fresh. This ensures there are no respiratory problems and has zero risk of growth of microbes and dust-mites.

2. Sleep Spa Dream Contour Talalay Latex Pillow

It majorly depends on your pillow as to what shapes your body takes at night. If your pillow sag and sinks at night, it would disturb the body alignment and you would face pain and pressure on your body.

Made from Indonesian Talalay technology the density and firmness are beautifully crafted and adjusted so that your neck gets the perfect balance thereby helping the body to sleep comfortably. Natural feature of Latex keeps your pillow free from chemicals and reduces the risk of growth of bacteria and fungus in and around the sleep area.

Our latex pillow also has a unique gas chamber which allows air to move, keeping it cool and fresh.

3. 100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper

Investing in a good mattress is not an easy and viable option for many of us. It might be expensive or you are not sure which brand to opt for. Latex mattress Topper is a versatile product made for everyone. Whether you have recently purchased a new mattress or looking to change the comfort of your old mattress, a latex mattress topper will save the day.

Toppers add up to the life of the mattress and enhance the comfort and elasticity. It is made without any chemicals or elements that leads to an unhealthy sleep environment. Latex topper adds support to your body and spine. It provides pressure point relieve along with motion isolation.

4. Aqua Latex Pillow for Your Kid

Children below the age of 14 years need comfortable and pain free sleep. Their body needs energy and stamina to work at school hours and at play. Aqua Latex pillow maintains its shape and fluffy comfort. It prevents the growth of moisture or any type of microbes around the bed. Additionally, Latex does not heat up at night and the gas chamber is well-built to allow air to circulate. The pillow keeps cool and fresh so that the child is active all day long.

This chemical free pillow eliminates the growth of respiratory problems and remains intact in shape and features.

Bring home a latex product at your home and enjoy natural and environment friendly sleep without any discomfort.

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