Best Mattresses for Summer in India
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Best Mattresses for Summer in India

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India experiences varied climatic conditions and summer being on the top. For more than 5 months, the temperature outside is warm. And, it is not just during the day but also during night. Warm temperature means dizziness, irritation, disturbed mood due to sweat and many more.

To avoid such issues, we keep our house and office shelf loaded with drinks and coolers like Jal jeera, rasna, watermelon and other cooling fruits and drinks. While these cool and freshen up the body for a short span of time, you still need something that can keep your sleep hours cool and active.

Overheating of Mattress

Overheating of the mattress is a very common issue with a majority of the mattresses online. This is mainly because of low-quality memory foam or other foam that does not have proper ventilation or cell-structure. Due to this, the mattress heats up at night, resulting in toss and turn all night to avoid sweat and irritation.

This problem escalates in summers when the temperature outside is warm and your bed adds up to the heat causing sleep disturbance and excessive heat. Hence to solve your problem, Sleep Spa offers advance cooling technology mattress that eliminates the heating issue keeping the mattress cold all night.

Cool and Fresh Sleep Environment

Sleepspa offers the best mattress for summer to fight the hot and humid climate of India. The team works to build the coolest mattress that would give a sound and comfortable sleep. It will help you to wake up rejuvenated to fight the sunny day. With a Sleep Spa cool gel mattress, you’ll have the benefits of:

  • Advanced 3D Cell structure: The mattress has an advanced 3D cell structure that allows automatic air-regulation which keeps the mattress cold and fresh all night. It avoids any issue of overheating that might cause you to sweat and face disturbance at night.
  • Herb-Fresh Technology: The mattress comes loaded with hypoallergenic and hygienic features. This means that there will be no growth of microbes, fungus and bacteria that causes sleep disturbance and disturbs your sound sleep.
  • Natural Products: Latex and Aloe Vera infused mattresses are one of the best mattresses for Summer. The rubberised coir used inside the mattress keeps the mattress cool in the summers and the sleep environment is fresh and healthy.
  • Memory Foam: Unlike the traditional memory foam mattress that absorbs heat, Sleep Spa Memory foam mattress is designed with big cells. This releases heat and your mattress remains fresh.

Choosing a summer mattress or a temperature-regulated mattress is a task. You don’t know how the mattress would react to outside temperature. Hence, it is important to read and research well about the material and foam used in making the mattress. Here is the list of best mattresses for summer that would keep your sleep hours healthy and cool:

1. MEMOSPRING Green Tea Memory Foam & Icy Cool Pocket Spring mattress

The advanced Green Tea memory foam mattress is made to fight the hot and humid climate of India and to keep the mattress cool. Green tea is known for its cooling feature. So, for the 1st time in India, organic green tea is mixed with memory foam to eliminate its heating property and to add ice-cooling features in the mattress.

The memory foam used gives a bouncy texture to the mattress and the foam gets back to its original shape once pressure is released from it. It has an added feature of:

  • Enhances the mental and physical well-being: Your body and mind feels fresh and it releases pressure points.
  • Any sweat or body moisture gets dried up easily due to the premium quality fabric.

This mattress promises not just a comfortable 7 hours of sleep but a rich sleep experience.

2. Orthopaedic Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The mattress is made from gel particles and visco foam which keeps the mattress cool and refreshed. The bigger the cell structure of the foam, the more air gets circulated through the mattress. This allows automated temperature regulation, keeping the mattress fresh.

Gel memory Foam is not like other heating releasing memory foam mattresses. The gel feature does not trap the heat and eliminates the issue of over-heating of memory foam at night.

  • Zero-Partner disturbance: The advanced gel feature provides motion isolation. So, even after a long tiring summer day, you sleep undisturbed.
  • Relieves Pressure Points: In summers the days are long and the heat waves and humidity makes it exhaustive. Visco gel relaxes your pressure points and gives maximum back and spinal support.

3. La Swirl Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress

It is not easy to find the best mattress for summer or for that matter a mattress that is suitable for both summers and winters. Low quality memory foam mattress heats up at night and stores humidity and moisture as the cells are tightly packed.

La Swirl Gel particles and foam quality allows air to pass. The PU foam side of the mattress keeps the mattress at a neutral temperature. Sleep Spa La Swirl mattress stays cold in summers and cosy in winters. So, you don’t have to switch the mattress with the change in the season.

The cool gel used in the mattress gives a comfortable back and spinal support. This makes you free to sleep in your desired posture without worrying about any type of body pain. The Herb Fresh Technology eliminates the growth of dust mites or microbes and you can enjoy 7+ hours of sound sleep.

The team at Sleep Spa works on the advancement of the mattress. We work on building a temperature regulated mattress coupled with a maximum back and spine support for you. Before you invest, make sure to read about the specifications and the material used in making the mattress. Along with the cooling and hypoallergenic features, Sleep Spa offers:

  • Replacement policy
  • Maximum durability and elasticity so that you can invest without worries
  • 24*7 support from our sleep experts who would assist you in buying the mattress as per your sleep issues and body type.

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Best mattress in india

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