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Is Your New Year Resolution a New You?

New Year Resolution

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Well, well, is it just us or 2018 has passed way too quickly. And guess what, we are not ready for 2019. Amidst this chaos, are you making a new year resolution to bring out the new you? Are you looking forward to bring out the energetic incarnation of your soul? We have just the right solution to help you achieve this eccentric resolution. A new mattress. And we want you to believe us when we say-More than 50% of individuals fail to fulfil their new year resolution. So, it’s the best shot you have got.

Once you are all set that ‘Being a New You’ is the purr-fect new year resolution, it’s time to get to work. Here’s the tricky part-how do you decide which mattress you want to go for. From the various options of latex mattress, memory foam mattress, spring mattress, coir mattress, you will just get lost. So let’s start by making a mattress checklist which entails all the features that you are looking for in a new mattress.

1. Comfort

It is definitely the most important factor that rings a bell when talking about purchasing a new mattress. We suggest you to not judge a mattress just by its looks, understanding its features is also essential. So keep a pen and paper handy when you are choking the sales representative with all your inquisitive questions about the mattress. 

New year resolution - Perfect Mattress For all Sleepers

2. Support

You don’t deserve a mattress that doesn’t support you in your thick and thin. A mattress that perfectly pushes up your body while you lay down on it, is the purr-fect mattress. You don’t have to go for a stone-hard mattress because it proffers support everytime. For those who love the cocooning-feel of memory foam, maybe that is the mattress that offers you the right combination of comfort & support. 

3. Firmness

Deciding whether you want a silky soft mattress or a Flintstone’s era firm mattress can be tricky. It is more of a personal choice as which firmness level suits your body. Your bae might like to sink in a cloud of soft comfort, but your preference might be medium firm. It also depends on your favourite sleeping position. Ideal firmness level for back sleepers is 8-10 while for combination sleepers it is medium firm between 5-7.

4. Orthopaedic Innovation

Orthopaedic mattresses are becoming more and more popular each year but how do you know whether a mattress is actually orthopaedic or not? Simple, you sleep on it. And of course, read all the product reviews that will help you make an informed decision. If you are wondering what exactly is an orthopaedic mattress, well, it is a mattress that supports your back and aligns your spine for increased support. Don’t trust us? Try our orthopaedic mattress now. 

Comfortable Orthopaedic Mattresses

5. Pillow top or No Pillow Top

Pillow Top adds an extra layer of padding and cushioning to the mattress, but the real question is- “To Pillow Top or Not To Pillow Top.” If you are looking for a Pillow Top mattress with orthopaedic features, it’s next to impossible. No doubt, pillow top mattresses are more durable and proffer cloud-like comfort, but are they the key to your sweet dreams? No, if you are looking to ease down your back pain. 

6. Brand Confidence

We know your willing to invest in a brand that is well known in the market and is well aware of what they are talking about. Well, we are and we don’t believe in fake promises. So, if we promise free shipping on all products, you can sit back and relax while we do the math. Also, being in the sleep industry for more than 31 years, maintaining an exquisite relationship with our customers has been deeply rooted in our DNA. And don’t miss out on our return policy, it will take you one step closer to the New You, no kidding. 

7. Mattress Warranty

From No Warranty to 20 years warranty, you get all type of warranties on mattresses. But what follows is a typical and ignorant behaviour of the customer support team, who are in no way ready to support you, when you ask them to change the mattress after 5 years. While you are doing your research, make sure you cover the important aspect of ‘customer care department’ because if they are not ready to listen to your grievances, your mattress purchase along with it’s 20-year warranty will go for a toss. Lucky you, we don’t follow this ardent policy at our headquarters.

Upto 11 Years Mattress Warranty

Once you have cross-checked all these features, it’s time to go for a new mattress and wake up rejuvenated as the New You. A New You with more bubbly thoughts that before. A New You with more charisma. A New You with a sudden outburst of energy no less than Ranveer Singh. And that’s just the effect of your Sleep Spa Mattress. 

Don’t forget to measure your mattress before placing the order. Here’s how to order the perfect mattress size in one go. 

Best mattress in india

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