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Your Personal Guide On Buying The Best Pillow Online

Pillow Online India

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Are you wondering you have the perfect mattress but still relaxing sleep is miles away? Well, it might be because of your pillow and we believe it’s time for a change. The right pillow will help in getting comfortable sleep and you can start the next day in a charged manner. 

What pillow will suit you entirely depends on your choice. Some people like fluffy, some choose thin while some always lean on comfort. But wait…do you know choosing the outer fabric is enough. What is inside the pillow is of more importance. Pillows that are filled with natural fillings are actually good and give the desired comfort level.

You will get different filling options such as fibre, latex, memory foam etc. Uh Ohh…getting confused? Read the tips mentioned below to choose amongst the various pillows online-

Check the filling.

Memory Foam Pillow

There can be varieties of stuff to be used to fill the pillow. But, not everything can be comfortable. A good filling can give you cool feeling even in the hot temperature.

The best filling for pillows can be differentiated into three categories, such as:

  1. Memory Foam Pillows
  2. Latex Pillows
  3. Fibre Pillows

Memory Foam Pillows- Taking the shape of your head and shoulder region, memory foam pillows allow to relive pressure points and provides a soft, relaxing sleep surface. Whether you opt for a contour memory foam pillow or a classic memory foam pillows, both are equally durable and supportive.

Latex pillows- Natural latex pillows can be the best option for those who have seasonal allergies or allergies with dust. It is vegan and also helps the person sniffling during sleep. Sleep Spa further segregates the latex pillows into 2 options-1 for kids and 1 for adults.

Fibre Pillows- To get the light as well as fluffy feeling along with the durability, fibre fill can be the best. It is made using only premium microfiber, which helps with all kinds of allergies. 

What is your sleep type?

Have you ever wondered why the majority of people cannot sleep without their pillow? The reason is that a pillow helps to align the body of the sleeper, which gives comfort. It aligns the position of your neck and head with the spine. 

If your sleeping type and pillow type are different, then you must feel strain and back or neck ache. So, give proper rest to your body as well as ensure your sleeping posture by choosing your sleeping side first. There can be three sleeping sides usually, as mentioned below-

Back Sleeper: If you are a back sleeper, then, the ideal profile of 4 inches can be useful. Never choose a pillow that will push your head away. This side gives medium support, so choosing a medium comfort pillow like a latex pillow will further complement it.

Stomach Sleeper: Very few individuals sleep on their stomach side rather than their backside. This position lets the neck be in a neutral position, and such sleepers cannot find comfort in any pillow. So, what can you do in such a situation? Easy, if you cannot sleep without a pillow on your bed, choose a thinner one.

Side Sleeper: If you prefer to sleep either on the left or right profile then, you are sleeping correctly. Approx 70% of the world’s population choose side profile for comfortable sleep. For such kind of position, you need a pillow that will give you unparalleled support as well as the right plushness.

Types of Sleeping Positions

Choose the right size.

Not as important as other parameters but it matters. The size of the pillow is the most critical factor for some people. Large or small, choose whatever you prefer, but it should give you comfort. Apart from that, if you are not sure which size to opt for, standard pillow size 24″ L x 16″ W is the ultimate option.

With these points in mind, hope you will never make the mistake of choosing from uncomfortable pillows available online. To wake up fully charged, we suggest you to buy pillows online from a trusted brand like Sleep Spa MattressWe have designed every pillow as per the comfort and usability of their customers. 

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